Gold Coast creatives Bleo bring Sheppard’s new music video ‘Symphony’ to life

After releasing their joyous new single ‘Symphony’ in June this year, Brisbane band Sheppard have returned with a colourful, animated music video for it, created by Gold Coast company Bleo Creative.

With Australia’s creative industry in a state of uncertainty due to COVID-19, Sheppard wanted to ensure they were hiring as many local creatives as they could for the production of the video, from hair and makeup to film crew and editors.

Sheppard had a symbolic vision for the video and to accurately bring it to life they called on Gold Coast-based creatives Bleo to create the intense and vibrant music video that is bursting with colour, movement, heart and humour.

We caught up with Bleo’s Creative Director Blake Martin for a quick chat about the production of the music video ‘Symphony’ and to find out a bit more about the creative agency right on our doorstep.

Could you tell us a little bit about Bleo and how it came to be?

Bleo Creative is the video production brand/division for Bleo Media (marketing agency). We started Bleo Creative in 2018 with Adis Colic as our head videographer/cinematographer. Since then, we have been on a mission to turn everything we touch into a cinematic experience for every project we take on, big or small. Our work/portfolio is becoming so diverse, which we all love. It keeps the creativity flowing as the subject is always changing.

We are interested to hear about the creative process with ‘Symphony’ and how you brought Sheppard’s vision to life.  Could you tell us a bit about it?

It all happened quite quickly but came together perfectly. Sheppard approached us with an idea to create a video that featured colour and animation, but the idea still needed a story/narrative for us to work with.

We explored a couple of ideas, knowing full well we had a lot of limiting factors due to COVID-19 restrictions, so we had to roll with limited numbers as a crew and had limited access to certain locations – we like a challenge, so we got creative. We wanted to showcase Sheppard’s home town (Brisbane) because it’s such a beautiful city with so many great architectural elements both a blend of man-made & natural – luckily, the filming permits literally only came in the day before filming took place (I was stressing about this big time).

We presented the idea of a guy (George) who was lost, and looking for the ‘love that got away’. Representing this love through animation, vibrant colour and luminescence – the concept of exploring the city to find this colour and love took flight and we arrived at what is now the Symphony music video – it’s a fun love song, and it takes the viewers along the journey with George, Emma and Amy.

How do you feel about the finished product of ‘Symphony’?

We love it. I’m so proud of my team’s commitment to this project. Anyone with an understanding of video production and animation will truly understand how much work has been put into this video.

The video is shot at 24 frames per second, which means every second you see animation over 24 drawings/illustration has been done – there are over 6000 illustrated frames in this music video. Crazy!

Are music videos something that you usually create at Bleo?

This is our second music video, we also created the music video for ‘Worth It’ for Gold Member.  We love the music video space, it really provides us with the opportunity for creativity to shine and produce work that’s outside the box. We see big things ahead for us in the music industry, and we have heaps of ideas we want to create and bring to life.

What was it like working with an all-local crew for the creation of the video? There would be some feel-good vibes there? 

It was great, we shot the studio scenes on the Gold Coast and the location shots through Southbank in Brisbane.  There is always a sense of comfort and welcoming when shooting in your backyard. We are so pleased that we got to showcase Brisbane as the beautiful city it is, especially on the back end of COVID-19, hopefully it helps Brisbane tourism.

From a production point of view, as limiting as COVID-19 has been for some things, it meant that we didn’t get too many interruptions from fans (as we had Sheppard throughout the city of Brisbane), the city streets were very quiet when on location for the shoot – a bit of a silver lining.

How have you guys been during COVID-19?  Creative industries have been hit so hard.

Fortunately, we have been very busy through these unusual times.  We’ve seen a huge uptake in the market wanting video services. I think a lot of businesses that were affected by COVID-19 are looking at how they can create an online offering to prevent a possible future downturn. When people are home, they are spending more time online, and they want to consume video.  At Bleo we’re all very passionate about what we do, so we find the opportunity no matter what the market throws at us.


You can listen to Symphony over on Spotify and can follow Sheppard on their socials Instagram  @wearesheppard and Facebook  fb/wearesheppard.

If you haven’t seen the video for Symphony you can check it out below, and for more information on Bleo Creative you can head to their website here.


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