Welcome to the Bumper Summer edition!

Who else is limping to the finish line of 2021? Now’s probably a good time to tell you that the Blank team will be taking a much-needed hiatus from COB Tuesday 14 December and will be returning on Monday 10 January, refreshed and raring to go for an exciting 2022.

Our summer edition is distributed again in January so folks can still get their Gold Coasty goodness while we’re day napping, and we’ll have still have some socials on the go, so your holiday leisure time will be covered, never fear!

This is a fun and eclectic edition with an interesting blend of Gold Coast and Logan content. Logan getting its own cultural precinct with a 5,000 pax outdoor stage is pretty exciting news, which is why we’ve popped guitar tap phenomenon Chris Tamwoy on the cover – he’s a Logan boy and he’ll be playing the big ol’ launch party at the Kingston Butter Factory. And wasn’t he an absolute delight to chat to!

We also take a look at some Xmas shopping and New Year’s Eve options for you in this edition, as well as speak to local rapper Lane Harry about his game changing music industry app. We meet a couple of up-and-coming Gold Coast stars Tanisha and clovo, and take a close up look at HOTA’s super fun, nostalgic and colourful summer program Pick ‘N’ Mix. Giant sprinklers, anyone?

Behind the scenes, the Blank team has been busy strategising for 2022 and beyond, so watch this space for some super exciting announcements to come.

Whatever you’re doing this silly season, we hope you get to eat amazing food, hug your loved ones, and spend
some time on our beautiful

Gold Coast beaches. Enjoy this edition dear readers, and take care of yourselves.


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