Black Hops Launch Operation Brewery

The Black Hops guys just love craft beer.  So much so, that they’re keen to grow the industry with a book – Operation Brewery – full of stories and tips around the entire process from when the idea started with three guys and a a love of beer through to the opening of their beloved brewery.  Operation Brewery drills down to the nitty-gritty of what’s required to start up a craft brewery on a budget. We chatted to Dan after the launch.

How did the launch go?

Great, we had about 60 books ready to sell and we sold out of those on the first day of the book launch. We swapped to let people pre-order because we have 100 more coming in next week. It’s still available as an ebook or on Kindle or paperback on Amazon but the signed copies have been the most popular and we will be sending more out next week.

Some would say that you’re giving away trade secrets! Why is it important for you to grow the craft beer industry?

I think it’s inevitable that it grows either way but it’s kind of our thing to help where we can and share our lessons, so a book feels like a logical step. We just made what we wish we had when we first started. There is a lot of work that goes into a brewery, and learning as you go has been challenging.

Did someone help / mentor you guys along the way?

Not really. I’ve had businesses for 10 years so I’m confident with the business side of things. This is my 3rd book so I’m confident with publishing as well. Govs has been brewing for 10 years and Eddie has worked in the industry so we didn’t feel like we needed mentors as such. But we are always learning from events and chatting with others in the industry, listening to podcasts and reading blogs, going to conferences etc. It’s an ongoing process!

Can you give us a sneak peek about the “little incident” in China?

Haha, well I would love to but I was asleep so I’m not 100% sure what happened. Let’s just say Karaoke and watermelon are a LOT more expensive than you’d expect in China!

What is the appeal of the book to non beer drinkers?

I think people appreciate a good story and the idea of a few mates going from drinking to building their own brewery is a pretty cool story. There’s also a lot in this book about branding, getting press, raising money, financial management, sourcing physical products in China etc which are pretty universal topics that can be applied to any business.

How much is the book?

$10 as an ebook or $20 from the brewery. It’s $25 online which includes $5 shipping. The physical copies are personally signed by me, Eddie and Govs.

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