New music premiere: ‘Birthday’ heralds a fresh start for Erin Foster

After six consecutive years of releasing pop music under various pseudonyms, Erin Foster is no longer performing incognito with the release of her brand-new single ‘Birthday’ under her real name, and it’s out today.

Keeping on-brand with her self-sufficient ethos from the production of the track to the lyric video that will follow, Erin is hyper-proud to be able to assign herself all the credits this time around.

Historically these things have not been so clean cut, however.

Just nine months earlier she was releasing tracks under the alias Karamilk and had experienced early success that most artists would be proud of. A few industry people noticed her, she was played on Triple J and had solid rotation on independent radio. She even spent some time working with an A&R representative from a major label.

However, all was not sunshine and roses. Erin felt that there were too many people around trying to influence her musical direction to further their own agendas, and began to resent the “business” part of the music business.

“I was happier when I was 18, uploading songs that no one would listen to, because at least it was all my own work,” she describes.

Putting aside popular opinion, Erin decided it was time to take control of all aspects of her music career and do everything herself.

Enter her latest track ‘Birthday’. While still the solid, clean and hooky electro-pop we’ve come to know and love from Erin, ‘Birthday’ is a darker, more authentic sound punctuated with deep brooding synths and a steady mesmerising beat. It explores the themes of brooding discontentment that can pervade even the closest of relationships.

>>> Get your first listen to ‘Birthday’ now

“Releasing ‘Birthday’ is a pivotal moment for me,” Erin tells us.

“I vowed to be as self-sufficient as possible entering this new era and I’m happy to say that’s gone to plan. I designed the visual concepts, graphic designs, lyric video and track itself. While there always comes a bit of pain with growth, I have found strength in acquiring new skills and being self-reliant.”

We ask Erin to describe her sound now that it is at its most genuine.

“My hedonism at its peak,” she muses. “I grew up listening to indie pop and electro pop artists like Ellie Goulding, Grimes and Lights and no doubt they have all been influences.

“I’m not very cryptic when I write lyrics. I think, like a lot of people, I can overcomplicate things in my head, so it’s therapy for me to keep things simple in my songs. What you hear is pretty much what I wanted to say.

“Fellow musicians usually pick up on my dominant, driving bass lines. Sometimes I’ll get told that I have a bit of a bedroom production feel, but won’t go as far as to say Lo-Fi.”

For Erin, being an indie artist means finding ways to get shit done. She works part time in a music studio so she can fund her music career, but at the same time stay connected to the industry. As for advice to other artists who might be thinking of taking the indie route:

“It’s okay to be new at things, it’s okay to be scared and it’s okay to want everything to be perfectly, authentically and unapologetically you”.

With ample releases lined up, fans of Erin Foster can expect to hear a few more singles before an EP towards the end of year, with live shows in support across the east coast of Australia.

You can grab your first listen to ‘Birthday’ below or here. Follow Erin on all the usual socials @ErinFosterMusic.

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