BIGSOUND Gold Coast Showcase: shining a light on IVEY, DVNA and Donny Love

In the tradition of the iconic South By Southwest and officially recognised as Australia’s biggest showcase of up and coming musical talent, BIGSOUND is set to once again detonate upon the Brisbane musical landscape from 3 to 6 September. This year’s lineup features over 150 on-the-rise acts performing across 18 stages in the Fortitude Valley Live Music Precinct, including Byron Bay’s next big thing Tones And I, Adelaide garage-pub miscreants Bad//Dreems, chilled Gold Coaster Bobby Alu and roots trail blazer Mojo Juju.

This year also sees the fourth instalment of the official Gold Coast Showcase, which features three of this City’s finest musical acts and is happening on Thursday 4 September from 12:30pm to 2:00pm at the BIGSOUND Social Hub.

Representing the Gold Coast this year are way-cool indie kids IVEY, electro-soul siren DVNA and catchy genre-blenders Donny Love. To celebrate their pending appearances on the much feted line up, we had a chat with all three Showcase artists to get their take on what it means to represent the Gold Coast at this year’s event.


Sassy electro-soul siren DVNA (pictured) has certainly made her mark on the local music scene over the past 12 months, spring boarding into public consciousness as a result of her two rapturously received singles, ‘Girl On The Move’ and ‘Looking Like A Snack’. DVNA is making her performance debut at this years BIGSOUND, something that she is utterly over the moon about.

“I get butterflies every time I think about it. I’ve been to and experienced the festival for the last two years and always wanted to be the one on stage, the one with my own showcase. To not only be accepted, but to have multiple slots is truly incredible. A big goal ticked off!! And I’m really excited to see Milan Ring. What a powerhouse woman!”

The coming six months is looking jam-packed for this girl on the move.

“There’ll be LOTS of work but I’m ready for it all. I’ll be going on my very first tour whilst writing and finalising an EP for next year. So, a lot of coffee drinking and late nights I assume. Some collaborations in the pipeline and of course, celebrating 2019 wins”.

As to what it means to DVNA to be flying the flag for Gold Coast music at this years BIGSOUND, “This is BIG for me! The Gold Coast has always been and always will be home, so I’m going to fly that flag hard for all my insanely talented musician friends and the future of Gold Coast music. Hopefully do you all proud!”


Precociously talented indie-pop collective IVEY announced their arrival on the music scene via triple J’s Unearthed High competition in 2015. Since then, the youthful five-piece have been on a rapid upwards trajectory, dropping a pair of EPs and picking up some prestigious support slots as well as playing plenty of their own headlining shows.

IVEY have already had a taste of the BIGSOUND experience, playing there in 2017, which was an invaluable exercise in increasing their profile.

“The experience was really cool, it was on a beautiful big stage at the back of the Brightside! There were quite a few industry people there and it was just exciting times all round for us. I think it put us on the map a lot more. It allowed the industry to finally put a face to a name and a show to the band, which delivered us a lot more industry connections going forward.”

And this year presents the band with further exciting opportunities to both network and simply have a good time amongst fans and colleagues.

“We’re all really keen to get amongst it again. Millie only turned 18 at the end of last year, so we can all finally hang out after shows and meet other bands properly! A few favourites we won’t miss are First Beige, Towns, Seaside, DVNA and Approachable Members Of Your Local Community!”

As far as what it means to be representing the festival as Gold Coast artists; “It feels really good. The Gold Coast is growing and there’s so much potential in the music that’s coming from where we live. We have lived here our whole lives, it’s kinda shaped who we are as people, so to be showcasing on behalf of the city is quite nice to be honest.”

As well as their BIGSOUND performances, IVEY have also slotted in a hometown show on the Gold Coast, at Elsewhere, on 13 September.

Donny Love

Local icons of the new weird underground, eclectic five-piece Donny Love display a pleasing penchant for being both quirkily off-kilter without sacrificing the inherent catchiness of their genre blending sound ouvre. Their cracking debut album, ‘Sensation’, was released in 2018, channelling a captivating and unique soul-garage amalgamation which created quite a buzz on the local indie scene.

Although having attended BIGSOUND before as punters, this is the first time that Donny Love will be up there on stage, a fact that the band’s Andy Hodges is rather chuffed about.

“We’re probably most excited to be representing as a voice for the more ‘underground’ or lesser heard artists of the Gold Cost scene. We’re the feral gig-pigs from outer space!”

They’ll also be taking in plenty of other artists across the four days of BIGSOUND, with Andy’s tips for other ‘must see’ acts on the bill including Chakra Efendi, Dianas and GAUCI.

As far as what’s happening in the oddball world of Donny Love over the coming six months, Andy informs that the band are currently putting the finishing touches to their about to be released second album.

“It’s a very exciting time for us. I think we’ve really found ourselves and our sound and expanded on this world we’ve been building with previous video clips and our last album. We’ve gone through our development phase and I feel that our next album is a big step up – the Donny universe is expanding!”

For those looking to expand their musical universe, the BIGSOUND Gold Coast Showcase performance, on Thursday 4 September from 12:30pm to 2:00pm at the BIGSOUND Social Hub, is the place to be.

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