BIFF welcomes ‘The Namatjira Project’

Moving documentary ‘The Namatjira Project’ has been selected to screen at the Brisbane International Film Festival.

Albert Namatjira was a pioneer, founding the Indigenous art movement and bringing vivid visions of the outback to many coast-bound Australians for the first time. A man caught between two worlds, he was paraded as a great Australian, but treated with contempt. His haunting works were shown across the world, and he was feted, even being introduced to the Queen. But in 1957, the dream fell apart. Namatjira was locked up for something he didn’t do; he died two years later, a broken man, and in 1983 the Government sold the copyright to his works to an art dealer. His family didn’t get a cent. The Namatjira family have struggled for decades to see justice done.

“It is an immense privilege to screen The Namatjira Project at BIFF,” says Maxine Williamson, BIFF co-director.

“The documentary charts the Namatjira family’s battle to reclaim the legacy of one of Australia’s greatest artists. We are certain that BIFF audiences will be both moved and motivated by this very important documentary.”

‘The Namatjira Project’ follows the Namatjira family from the trackless Australian desert to the gates of Buckingham Palace.  The documentary is just one of the pillars of a multidisciplinary project backing the great artist’s family in their fight for survival, justice, vindication – and to regain what is rightfully theirs.

Ahead of the screening of the film on Tuesday 29 August at Palace Centro, the audience will be able to view three of Albert Namatjira’s spectacular watercolours. In addition, two of Albert Namatjira’s relatives, Lenie Namatjira and Gloria Pannka, will take part in a Q&A event with producer Sophia Marinos following the film. Visit the website for full screening details, and watch the trailer for ‘The Namatjira Project’ below.

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