The Walls reopens with Nextdoor ARI to bring us Bella Deary

Funky Burleigh artspace The Walls reopens this week with their friends from Nextdoor Artist Run Initiative moving in for the weekend. Join them and artist Bella Deary by popping in to see the new show, Organism.

Organism is a multimedia exhibition, existing as an exploration into the materiality of latex. Pink sheets of plant-based latex are utilised across artworks of both digital and tangible mediums; drawing particular attention to the material’s resemblance to the human body. The visual and textural qualities of the latex mirror that of human flesh or skin. The artist employs techniques of narrative, meditation, juxtaposition and mediation throughout the exhibition, in an effort to identify innate similarities between the organic makeup of humans and our natural origins.

Bella Deary is a current Visual Arts student at Queensland University of Technology. Deary uses latex as a dominant material to resemble the internal human body, and combines this with digital imagery of water or the living body, to create abstract hybrids of humans and nature. Deary’s work gathers influence from science, politics and activism and is expressed through interactive or abstract forms to promote an idealism whereby humans and nature maintain a symbiotic relationship.

Nextdoor A.R.I exists to champion the experimental practices of early career contemporary artists. Founded in 2020 by five emerging Brisbane (Meanjin) based artists including The Walls’ current local artist in residence Kimberly Stokes, their aim is to be the ‘next door’ for aspiring artists, providing opportunities for artistic development and personal growth. With a current focus on Queensland artists, our aim is to generate new and authentic art experiences, by facilitating the creation, exhibition and discussion of contemporary art.

3-6pm, 24 – 26 July: The Walls will be open to visitors
3pm Friday 24 July: Performance documentation goes live at
2pm Sunday 26 July: Artist Talk via Instagram Live @thewallsgc

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