Getting messed up with Beckah Amani

Following up from her stunning 2019 single ‘One‘, is Beckah Amani, a soulful independent singer / songwriter from the Gold Coast. Channeling contemporary RnB, alt-folk and even shades of electro-pop, Beckah’s latest single ‘Mess You Up’ is a quirky, rhythmic number that showcases her own unique vocals and lyrics, with shades of Childish Gambino and Sampa The Great hidden in the beats and harmonies.

With such thoughtful, well-produced tunes coming from this rising Gold Coast performer, we thought we’d take the opportunity to get to know her a little better before she hits the big time.

Where did the concept and inspiration for ‘Mess You Up’ come from?

I’m a pretty vulnerable songwriter in that inspiration for my songs comes from either personal experiences or the experiences of others that I personally relate to. The lyrics for “Mess You Up” flowed out of a pros and cons list I created when I was considering whether to jump into a new relationship with a guy that liked me. As I wrote the pros and cons list, I began to reflect on past relationships and why they didn’t work out, what I thought love was and how it looked like to love another human holistically as they are and deserve to be loved, and questioned if at age 20 I was ready to be in a relationship with someone when I was still figuring out who I am and how to love my self. So the concept for the lyrics of ‘Mess You Up’ grew out of realising that I don’t want to mess this guy up by being in a relationship with him while I was still trying to work myself out and what love exactly was. 

What do you hope listeners will take away from your single?

I hope that listeners will take away that it’s ok to focus on yourself and in the areas you want to grow in. That saying yes to yourself is a gateway to actually loving others better, that it’s ok to not have love figured out and to take your time working it out. Ultimately I want the listener to consider that you love better when you know who you are and actually love yourself. 

Which musicians/songwriters do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from a mix of musicians from different genres. As a songwriter, I’m greatly influenced by Bill Withers, Ed Sheeran, Nina Simone and Sia. As a performer and musician I draw inspiration from Adele, Beyonce, Aretha Franklin and Lauren Hill.  

How have you stayed sane during iso?

That’s a really good question. For the first month of iso like everyone I wasn’t sure what was going on and what to expect so I spent it really anxious and constantly on social media. I then focused my attention on using the extra time to be creative and write new music but I found forcing myself to be creative – pretty stressful and unhelpful – so I allowed myself the space to be ok with not getting as creative as I thought I could with the amount of time I had. So to stay sane I spent quality time with my family, my housemates, going on the hike here and there and taking a break from social media. I did also take up painting which I found pretty relaxing and fun.   

Who are your favourite Gold Coast musicians?

My favourite Gold Coast musicians would have to be Lastlings, Amy Shark, an upcoming band called Yonder and Tasha. 

What is your favourite part about performing music live?

My favourite part about performing music live would have to be connecting with the audience over my songs in a different way. I love singing with the crowd and hearing my songs being sung back to me with so much enthusiasm and joy. I also love performing with my band!  

How much can you reveal to us about upcoming music and projects, anything to look out for?

There’s actually a few things to look out for over the next coming weeks and months. 

  1. Visualizer for ‘Mess You Up’ will be released on YouTube on the 25 July 
  2. ‘Standards’ is a song I wrote which focuses on the black lives matter movement and my experience with racism growing up and how I’ve grown through that. The track will be released on the 7 August on all streaming services
  3. ‘Personal’ single from my upcoming 10 track LP will be released on the 11 September

Where was ‘Mess You Up’ recorded?

‘Mess You Up’ was recorded here on the Gold Coast at Studio Circuit Recording Studio.  It was written by me and produced by Jwisa, an up and coming producer from the Gold Coast. 

You can follow Beckah on Facebook and Instagram. Warp your ears around ‘Mess You Up’ below.

Interview by Amaya Coburn and Natalie O’Driscoll

Story by Natalie O’Driscoll

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