Got the perfect summer anthem? THE soundtrack of summer? The weather may be heating up, but is now really the right time to release your new music or are you better to put it on the back-burner?

To set the scene for you, the media world scales right back from mid December to mid January. Most radio stations move to syndication, replaying segments from the year with limited live-to-air broadcasts; publications have skeleton crew, leaving less coverage opportunities; and mainstream television and newspapers focus on hard and holiday related news.

In my experience, the succcess of releasing new independent music this side of summer boils down to why you are releasing it.

Good Reasons to Release

  • Engaging your existing fanbase.
  • Having new news to support summer tour dates.
  • The music is the ‘soft’ component of a bigger release strategy so it doesn’t necessarily need significant coverage and exposure.
  • You have major industry support systems in place (management, distribution) who can ensure yours is one of the few releases that receives the limited media coverage available at this time of year.

Good Reasons NOT to Release

  • This music needs to ‘break through’.
  • The release aims to raise your industry profile.
  • You’re afraid of losing momentum.
  • You think it’s expected or you said you would be releasing it.
  • You don’t yet have the support systems in place to prioritise this release in the media/ industry.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and in music these ‘rules’ are not hard and fast, however it is worth questioning whether summer is the right time to release for you.

IMAGE (c) Hanna Hervall

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