Bang On: How to create more media opportunities


Prior preparation prevents piss-poor performance, as they say, and the same goes for scoring yourself, your band, business or music more media coverage than the average bear.

We all know the obvious media opportunities generated by announcements, new releases and the like, but what many musicpreneurs miss is the myriad of media opportunities presented at shows, events, festivals and conferences.

By simply taking a few moments to prepare before walking through the door or gate, I’ve found time and time again, unexpected interview opportunities arise because I have relevant, articluated comments to say.

So, what exactly should you be ready to say? I often ask myself and prep clients with questions like:

  • What is the event and what do I think about it?
  • Who is involved and what experiences or expectations do I have of them?
  • What are they trying to achieve/ did they achieve it?
  • What am I looking forward to/ what did I take away?
  • What are the issues and current conversations around this event and what’s my take?
  • What is my opinion/position on the hot industry topics and trends at the moment?

It’s not a matter of spending your time scouring every event for the media opportunity, but it is a point of being prepared so that when invariably asked what you think, you have something informed, interesting and relevant to say because ultimately, that’s what makes for better articles, television and radio.

And final tip, be sure to put your answers into short, succinct statements, aka ‘sound bites’ using interesting, punchy language and the media can’t help but quote you.

IMAGE (c) Hanna Hervall

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