Yes. You made it! Here you are at Australia’s premier music industry conference…now what? Whether you paid the big bucks for the full conference or lapped up a live music pass, here are a few tips to make the most of your BIGSOUND experience.

Firstly, turn up. Sounds obvious, I know, but trust me, remember this when you wake up with a heinous hangover – you do get points for turning up the next morning.

Then, be brave and bold. Resist the urge to hide behind your phone, the pillar in the foyer or the skirts/slacks of your bestie. Get out and about, connect with new people, be engaged and be present. Go to as much as you possibly can, however, if you are having a brilliant conversation with someone, stay, if you can. That said, don’t take it personally if the person you are talking with takes their leave early to run to the next showcase on their hit-list. It really is a massive conference with lots of business going down.

Be genuine. Approach the whole experience not in terms of what can this/he/she/they do for me, but rather, how can I best be a productive, positive part of this community. Give time to anyone and everyone, regardless of what position of influence they appear to hold now, because the industry is very fluid and the green graduate today, could very well become the local radio station manager tomorrow.

Beware! What happens at BIGSOUND most likely won’t stay at BIGSOUND! We all make mistakes, but people do take note, so I recommend being on your best behaviour. Don’t get me wrong – fun is mandatory, but being a dick is strongly discouraged.

Finally, follow up. When the dust has settled and post-conference blues passed, hit the online socials and emails to cement relationships and continue the conversation.

IMAGE: BIGSOUND 2016 (c) Elleni Toump

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