Peter Wheeler

Inspired by his eldest son and motivated by a stressful job, Peter purchased a camera in 2015. He wanted something that would force him to stop, take in his surroundings and appreciate the 'now'. After shooting longtime favourites Dinosaur Jnr at Miami Shark Bar in Jan 2017 for Blank GC, and Sunnyboys / Celibate Rifles / Ed Keupper at Nightquarter in Feb 2017, Peter was hooked. Since then photography has had him out of the house most weeks. He's shot well in excess of 50 bands and a few festivals, too. Big names include Ed Sherran, Neil Finn, Tim Minchin, John Butler, You Am I, The Whitlams, Regurgitator, Tex Perkins, Missy Higgins, The Aints, The Church, Grinspoon, Jedediah, Cosmic Psychos, Amy Shark, and The Chats, along with local heroes such as Electrik Lemonade, Hussy Hicks, Baltimore Gun Club, Trapdoor, Tijuana Cartel, IVEY, Ella Fence, Eleea and MNVR. "Going to an event without my camera is like turning up with only one eye." - Peter Wheeler

Terry "Tappa" Teece