Show us your shirts, music lovers

In a time where absolutely nothing is ‘normal’ even the annual ‘Ausmusic T-shirt Day’ is different in 2020.

This grand tradition usually falls in November, taking place alongside triple J’s Ausmusic Month, but this year it’s been brought forward to TODAY, Friday 17 April. Ands always, Blank GC want to encourage you to support of our homegrown talent, the artists in our own backyard.

Since its inception in 2013 Ausmusic T-shirt Day has always been a way to show support for your favourite Australian bands and artists, only this year they need your support more than ever.

All bands rely on merch sales and the income from live performances to make a sustainable living, and local bands even more so.

With the current need for social distancing live music is on ice, and this means so too is the biggest income stream for out beloved musicians.

If you’ve been missing live music, these folks are missing it even more.

It’s tough out there for most of us, and this industry has been one of the hardest hit.

Buying a new tee from a local artist is a win all round. You get to rep your favourite muso, feel good about helping them out, you have a sweet new outfit to wear (Zoom only shows the top half right?); and the artist gets to feel the love and support.

If you’re in a position to do so check out these links for your local artists merch:






Nowhere Else


Harry J Hart




Casey Barnes


Johann Danno


Mo’s Desert Clubhouse


Electrik Lemonade


Bigfella Linc


Tokyo Beef


Cheap Fakes


Look, if you’re not into music-related fashion, go for an album or other merch. If you can’t swing a new tee wear one you already own, show it on social with #AusmusicTshirtDay and shout out your local talent.

You can also help keep our music industry afloat for when we are all free to play again by donating to Support Act and looking out for pop-up ‘live gigs’ online from many of our GC acts.

Every little bit helps and we all know how much music helps us!

Happy Ausmusic t-shirt day, Gold Coast.

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