Join Gold Coast’s ArtBeat for Mental Health Week

The annual ArtBeat Music and Arts Festival returns to Gold Coast Health on Friday 15 October as part of Queensland Mental Health Week celebrations.

The festival, held at the Gold Coast University Hospital, is designed to celebrate the creative strengths and talents of people living with mental illness.

During the week, more than 120 artworks from local artists will be on display in the main hospital foyer, culminating in a music festival with live performances by patients and others living with mental illness.

Manager of Creative Health Maddie Bridgland said the event promotes the importance of music and art in maintaining positive mental health at home, work and play.

“The Arts have long played a significant role for people experiencing mental illness, giving voice to thoughts, experiences and emotions which can often remain silent.

“Over the years, ArtBeat has become a wonderful opportunity for our community to join together in a spirit of celebration, reducing the stigma associated with mental illness”.

Musician Sharyn Kapitan has been involved in ArtBeat since 2014, describing the event as a great way to communicate messages of hope and recovery.

“ArtBeat allows us all to be ourselves and express our feelings in a life-affirming, positive way. I truly look forward to it every year”.

Queensland Mental Health Week is celebrated from 9-17 October. For anyone interested in finding out more about ArtBeat and the other creative programs available at Gold Coast Health, contact

Pictured: Artist Randal Dukes with mother Beverly.

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