Art Lovers Australia bring new arts business conference to the Gold Coast

Art is many things: A catharsis, a communication, a mirror, a celebration – and yes – a business. In an ideal world, talent alone would gain recognition and income for artists, but it’s simply not the case. Art Lovers Australia spends a great deal of time nurturing their stable of artists in order to give them the best possible opportunities for success, and they have turned this concept into a two-day conference in March, entitled The Business of Art.

“Artists spend years honing their art skills but when it comes to marketing themselves they often feel lost,” explains Art Lovers Australia co-owner Nancy Donaldson.

“We were tired of seeing talented artists not getting the exposure they deserved and also saw lots of artists spending money on offers that just didn’t translate to sales.”

Nancy and co-owner Jarrod Knight knew they could make a difference and give artists the confidence to take their art business to the next level, so they reached out to author and artist mentor Cory Huff, famed for his book ‘How To Sell Your Art Online.’

“Cory will be our key speaker, covering topics such as the career pathways for an artist, social media, artist websites and marketing plans”, says Nancy.

“Our guest, ex-SBS journalist Emma Hannigan will be supporting artists to tell their story and get media attention.”

To bring a diversity of real artist experience, Art Lovers Australia have included a panel of artists who are currently making a living from the arts. The panel will be answering questions around working with galleries, pricing work, public work, licensing artwork and making a passive income.

“The pathway to success for an artist used to be exclusively through galleries but times have changed,” Nancy explains.

“With the convenience of the internet, artists can reach an international audience from social media and through online galleries.  Traditionally, galleries looked after the marketing and promotion for the artist but with so many galleries closing each year, artists are finding they have lost access to their clients.  The conference will teach you how to connect with and build your own audience, future-proofing your Art Business.

“And although it’s never been so easy to have an online presence it’s never been so hard to be found.  Everyone is online so how do you cut through and get discovered? That’s why the Art of Business Conference is invaluable!”

So come and gain practical knowledge of all things art and business, and share your passions and challenges with your peers, when The Business of Art comes to Mantra Legends Hotel in Surfers Paradise on 9 and 10 March 2019. Tickets via Eventbrite.

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