Amanda Gorman makes waves with ‘Undercurrent’

Gold Coast artist slash Blank GC and Gold Coast Music Awards Partnership Manager extraordinaire Amanda Gorman is holding her very first solo exhibition this October.

The exhibition, entitled ‘Undercurrent’, is a series of large ink works, inspired by Amanda’s love and respect for the sea.

“The sea brings you back to earth and helps you realise that your problems or challenges are merely a drop in the ocean when it comes to the big wide world,” she muses.

“Each ink piece I have created for ‘Undercurrent’ is an invitation to escape from the world for a moment, to let your mind wander, get lost in the ink, and be taken away by the undercurrent. I hope that you can feel the peace and calm that I feel when I am inspired by the sea.”

A long-time art enthusiast, Amanda’s practice was initially limited to drawing at home for relaxation purposes only. Upon the passing of her beloved mother a few years ago, it then became a means to help heal her broken heart.

“It’s something that I have always loved and is a cathartic release for me,” Amanda explains. “I had no intention of pushing my art out to the public or selling it at all, I was just finding peace in it.”

However with enthusiastic friends and family snapping up her pieces left right and centre and encouraging her to do more with her talent, she decided to dip her toe into the public sphere, landing a spot as a finalist in the Dust Temple Portrait Prize for her sketch of Amy Winehouse.

“I had the absolute pleasure of being on the walls of a gallery with all of the other wonderful artists I have grown to love, respect and draw inspiration from over the years,” Amanda tells us.

It was here in that moment that I decided anything is possible and not to wait for the time to be ‘right’, I was just going to for this!

And the rest is history.

The ‘Undercurrent’ collection consists of nine large scale pieces that will be on show and available for sale, along with a selection of Amanda’s various artworks. Although she loves the serenity that creating the large inks can bring, she can’t imagine limiting herself to just one medium.

“Each one brings its own level of joy and each piece I create has a life of its own,” she reveals.

“Hours go by in seconds when I am creating. When I am drawing it feels almost meditative and when I am working with ink, I feel such satisfaction.”

Also satisfying is the response that Amanda has received from the wider Gold Coast community.

“I am lucky enough to have rubbed shoulders with a lot of our local creatives through my role here at Blank and find them all to be so supportive, willing to help and give advice to me when it comes to my new artistic journeys,” Amanda says.

“Then as far as the community in relation to venues and other aspects of the sector I have found them be really excited about my trajectory.”

Candice and Steve at Karma Collab Hub in Miami are one of the local venues that have backed Amanda’s practice, and will be hosting ‘Undercurrent’ in October.

“They have been extremely supportive of my courageous adventure,” gushes Amanda. “I’m so grateful for that, as sometimes you need someone else to have faith in your vision for you to actually give it the wings it needs to fly.”

Or swim, as the case may be.

Dive into Amanda Gorman’s solo exhibition ‘Undercurrent’ at Karma Collab Hub, 47 Lemana Lane Miami on Friday 23 October from 5 pm – 9 pm.  Please contact Amanda directly on to RSVP, or register through Eventbrite.

IMAGE (C) Simone Gorman-Clark

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