Album Review: The East Pointers | Yours To Break

Fresh and uplifting, both musically and lyrically, ‘Yours to Break’ by Canadian folk trio The East Pointers is a must-listen. Clever musical lilts and catchy contemporary interludes season traditional offerings in a progressive album that will change the way you think about folk music.

The album kicks off with the perfectly upbeat and hopeful ‘Wintergreen’, which some may have seen choreographically delivered by an amazing Yellow Wiggle, Emma Watkins on the official music video, complete with AUSLAN sign language set into the dance. I am convinced this song is the encouragement we all need today.

Like the equally fresh bread on the base of any good sandwich, the final two tracks on the album combine a lovely lyrical treat in ‘If You’re Still In I’m In’ and a poignant instrumental close with ‘S.O.S’, which is an acronym for Save Our Sharks.

“Come again, bright days, come again, come again
When you’re good to go, I’m following
If you’re still in, I’m in.”

The special sauce of emerging Michigan country/folk singer Lindsay Lou visits on the more thoughtful track ‘Elmira’. ‘Halfway Tree’ and ‘Mystery Cove’ bring the core flavour and both are excellent songs that will no doubt be sung and danced throughout the coming Woodford Folk Festival over the 2019-20 New Year, where the band features on the program most days.

Luckily, you won’t have to trek to the Sunshine Coast hinterland to see these Canadian gentlemen of folk music (although we do commend the excellent annual Woodford pilgrimage to you, in a general sense) because The East Pointers will be serving up ‘Yours To Break’ at Miami Marketta on the evening of 5 January. The album is well worth the listen to brighten your day, and will no doubt fill your belly with a Canadian Celtic warmth satisfying your hunger.

‘Yours To Break’ is available today on all digital platforms, and the popular folksters have also just announced a 2020 Australian tour. Click here for tour details, and check out the amazing ‘Wintergreen’ video below:

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