Album review: Paul A George | Cassowary Kids

Ethno-fusionist trailblazer Paul A George is best known as the multi-talented guitarist and singer-songwriter for euphoric world-music/dance hybrid Tijuana Cartel, as well as his more organic Black Rabbit George side project. And clearly the challenges of a COVID inflected reality have hardly put a handbrake on his creative output, which sees him now deliver a blissful opus under his own name, entitled ‘Cassowary Kids’.

On this sonic journey, George has set out to deliver music “that people can happily dance or simply dream to”, inspired by the Sunshine Coast hinterland where he currently resides. In turns dreamy, and exotic, an earthy, ‘back to nature’ vibe pervades many of the album’s grooves.

The desert/flamenco vibes and dance music heartbeat which infuse his work with Tijuana Cartel are still evident within the musical DNA of ‘Cassowary Kids’, it’s just coming from a slightly dreamier place, with the tripped-out echoes of dub, world music and trance inducing beats simmering under the surface of these eight delightfully atmospheric, groove-based soundscapes.

‘Underworld delivers a dose of spaced-out Morocco, while tracks such as the marvellously monikered ‘Sneaky Blighter’ bring an electro-tinged soundscape intertwined with organic world music vibes. While penultimate track, ‘Daylight’ turns up the dial on the tranced out, club beat side of the equation.

Overall though the album is designed to be immersed in a single, complete sitting and choosing individual highlights becomes an exercise in following whichever headspace and mood you choose to imbibe at any particular time. One thing is certain though for those with a penchant for such blissed-out and hypnotic soundscapes – the ‘repeat’ button is never too far away from being invoked.

Welcome to the world of the Cassowary Kid, Paul A George.

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