Album Review: Mutemath | Vitals

Funky retro dance beats backing catchy melodies best describes Mutemath’s latest offering, Vitals. After 2011’s Odd Soul was released, sounding a little like disco-influenced Steely Dan, it was fair to expect more old-school vibes from the New Orleans vintage instrument lovers (yay keytars!). Paul Meany and his buddies have not disappointed.

Three upbeat tunes open the album, with the single Monument closing the album’s first quarter, and I can’t help but tap my feet, or the steering wheel, as I smile along with the fun-loving style. “Can we go out tonight, anything goes, let’s make a monument for our love,” Meany pleads. I say yes.

One of my fave tracks, Stratosphere, kicks off a more lyrically mellow set of four, that includes the instrumental album title track, Vitals, which is another catchy ditty. Tracks eight and nine, Used To and Best of Intentions, were such a prophetic, perhaps clairvoyant, insight into my personal life I had to listen to them a number of times. This cleverness got me addicted to them. “I’d like to help you get those hang-ups under control but I’ve far too many, far too many of my own”. Terrible, in a good way.

Vitals closes strong, again bringing a subtle mellow lyric over neat little beats with Safe if we don’t look down and Remain, which are the longest two tracks on the album. I got to the end and wanted to start over which, unlike my personal issues, made the album quite the comfort. Recommended for those looking for clever beats to go with their empathy.

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