The prospect of developing a fluid and cohesive set of tracks to shape an album was slowly losing its edge in today’s music market. LUCIANBLOMKAMP is quick to sever ties with that notion of album making with his opus, sophomore release, Bad Faith.

Calling Melbourne home, bedroom producer LUCIANBLOMKAMP sought a resurgence in negative space and ambivalence in his amalgamation of weighty and textured electronic music. However, you’d be hard pressed to label this music as electronic as LUCIANBLOMKAMP synthesises a conceptual relationship of technology and organic instrumentation. Bad Faith asks a lot from the listener; space, patience and acceptance. LUCIANBLOMKAMP demonstrates, and pleases, through sonic ambition and pure catharsis.

Intelligent instrumentation filters Bad Faith, creating an atmospheric tension through the record’s clever sequencing. Its melodies journey through pleasurable soundscaping and naturalistic onomatopoeias to crushing, machinated instrumentals that aim to polarise – as displayed from the very beginning with opener, Decay. Neither spectrum of the composition over stay their welcome creating a fixating dynamic throughout Bad Faith.

A record with a clear visual embodiment to it typically leads to everlasting impressions of its musical content. Bad Faith’s accompanying album art – brilliantly designed by Samuel Burgess-Johnson – and music videos all direct a sense of the record’s encompassing subject matter. Ranging from strikingly forlorn and abandonment on From Afar or the realisation of one’s true ambitions on The Overman.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP immediately strengthens Bad Faith’s weight with him taking a more upfront approach to song writing and vocalising compared to his debut, Post-Nature. LUCIANBLOMKAMP’s motives are directly envisioned thanks to his reverb-ridden vocal duties, pulling us a little closer to his world. Eleven & 22 bucks this trend slightly to detail wobbly and incredibly synthetic realisation of woe meanwhile Copy of a Copy revels in the artist’s wild ability to play multiple instruments at once.

A dissonant and disjointed soundtrack to a vividly recounted story lies on LUCIANBLOMKAMP’s second studio album. It’s pulled together masterfully through ambitious, industrialised production values solidifying LUCIANBLOMKAMP’s pull on the plot twist of electronic music.


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