Album Review: Fallow | Fanny Lumsden

‘Fallow,’ Fanny Lumsden’s poetically penned title track is a synonym for hope or failure, accompanied by the strum of acoustic guitar strings with a trance-like meditative state. Brother Tom Lumsden has a bit part to play, but it’s an integral part, giving an eerie distant vocal echo to Fanny’s beautifully sung lyrics that stay etched in your head as the B side spins, waiting to be turned.  The Gregorian chant-like ‘Mountain Song’ and ‘Mountain Song Reprise’ bookends this Matt Fell produced album helping you visualise the mist moving over the valleys – the softly played instrumentals and Fanny Lumsden’s voice sharing a compelling medieval mix of high notes and low to both lure you, and then tuck you in.

Fanny Lumsden and her partner in design and bass lines, Dan Stanley Freeman, are business case exemplars of being record industry independent, giving the flexibility to innovate, create and travel to their beloved country halls customer base, entertaining little towns from Tooraweenah to their home-town Tooma in the Riverina district.  What is special about their music business model – is that it includes social entrepreneurship and grace.  For what Fanny, Dan and family reap from songs and music, they sow in spades to support those affected by drought and fires.  Following Fanny on Instagram you will see a pictorial working road trip and a bluntly honest account of the expanse of harshness, yet hopeful green shoots of beauty of living in this country.  This is replicated in the brass infused rising radio hit-song ‘Dig’, a breezy wind-the-car-window-down singalong and drum thumping party sparklers ‘Tidy Town’ and ‘Peed in the Pool.’

Whether you live in the country, city or on the coast, this is salt of the earth music to soothe us – what we all need right now.

‘Fallow’ is available on CD & Vinyl from and on Spotify.

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