Album Review: Bobby Alu | Flow

Imagine you and your significant others have decided to take a walk on a beach (perhaps, one of the beautiful beaches along the 57km of options along the Gold Coast coastline). The sun is shining, the ocean is glistening and the sand is warm. As you walk you see a group of families; children, parents, and grandparents; enjoying themselves just inside the dunes. Sandcastles, a bit of beach cricket, smiles and laughter, a table full of delicious food… you so want to be a part of that family and that scene.

Now imagine there is a background soundtrack to that joyful scene. Bobby Alu’s much anticipated new release ‘Flow’ is the soundtrack to those wonderful moments of fun and summer satisfaction, out just in time to make that scenic dream a reality.

The typical beats and island vibe of a Bobby Alu album are present and accounted for but there seems a new dimension to ‘Flow’ whereby he’s brought the intimacy of his own family and friends sharing good times into the music. Every track is a winner, even the more reflective ‘Dust’ that might break the mould of the generally upbeat and playful album. Highlights are ‘Finally’ and ‘Move’, which fans would have heard, but ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Coast is Clear’ are also hits in their own right. ‘Flow’ is a necessary addition to every Gold Coaster’s soundtrack to the 2019/20 spring and summer.

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