A retelling of a classic: Led Zeppelin IV

Repeatedly voted as one of the best rock albums of all time, Led Zeppelin IV has continued to become a part of every music lover’s collection in the 42 years since its release.

Four of Brisbane’s inspired musicians seek to reinterpret the classic album, performing it in its entirety using principally acoustic instruments. Their retelling is enhanced by the infusion of blue-grass, Middle-Eastern and roots influences as well as vocal harmonies that extend the originals to new heights.

With Megan Crocombe and design photoshop Lauren Istvandity taking on the scalding tones of Robert Plant, and Lachlan Bell filling the shoes of Jimmy Page, the ensemble is completed by Steve Fischer channelling John Bonham on cajon and auxiliary percussion. Support act Ella Fence brings her soulful and spiritual acoustic-folk music style to the Basement. Soon to release her new EP, be sure to come along and catch a glimpse of this rising star.

Catch Led Zeppelin IV Acoustic with support act Ella Fence in The Basement Saturday 15 March 2014!

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