A Fairytale Ending To Gold Coast Music Awards

The 2015 Gold Coast Music Awards rocked a fairytale ending when the organising team of mums were whisked away in a custom-built Cinderella Limousine.

Bedecked in VWs, surfboards and locally brewed beer, it was only fitting that the Fairy Godmother sprinkle a little bit of Gold Coast bling to the affair. With over 200 nominations, 32 partners and sponsors and 350 guests attending, the inaugural event was a labour of love for organisers and all mums of two year olds, Chloe Popa, Amanda Gorman and Samantha Morris.

Gold Coast company, LuxCars, waved their magical wand transforming the women’s taxi ride to the after-party into a $200,000 purpose-built limousine, inspired by Queen Elizabeth’s personal chariot, The Britannica.

“The story of those mums, all with young kids, balancing work and family, was so powerful we thought it only fitting to grant them this magical experience in our Cinderella Carriage,” said Alena Kouzmenkov, a mum-of-two herself and Director of LuxCars.

With the Award ceremony finished and packing up done, the organising committee of six emerged from Burleigh Brewing Co. to find the coach, the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, waiting to take them to the ball in style.

“It was the best surprise. We rocked that Cinderella Coach and had lots of lovely people greet us with a tunnel of honour when we arrived at the after party at elsewhere,”said Samantha Morris.

“What an awesome way to end the night!”

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Get more information about Gold Coast company LuxCars at gcluxcars.com.au



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