9 No Brainers: Why You Should Care About SOUNDS AUSTRALIA’s Funding Cuts

Courtney Barnett, Tame Impala, Chet Faker, Sheppard, Karnivool, The Jezebels, Flume, Gossling and Vance Joy. BOOM. That shit didn’t just explode on its own. Or by accident.

S​OUNDS AUSTRALIA, our peak music export body, was instrumental in the international breakthrough of these highly successful Aussie artists.

A joint initiative of the Australia Council and APRA AMCOS, SOUNDS AUSTRALIA is a critical launch pad for Aussie artists who are ready to crack the global market providing showcasing and networking opportunities at key international events, as well as training, resources and bloody sound advice.

In case you haven’t heard the hullabaloo, the national budget announced in May saw SOUNDS AUSTRALIA lose its funding from Ministry for the Arts, a cut that will cripple the day-to-day operations of this organisation. So, why should YOU give a damn?

  1. They help Aussie artists get heard above the global noise. 620 of them so far, to be exact, have been showcased by SOUNDS AUSTRALIA at international events. That’s about 437% more than the org’s inception seven years ago.
  2. They’ve firmly placed Australian music on the world map. If these guys hold an event or showcase at an international music gathering – the who’s who of the industry come. SOUNDS AUSTRALIA is very highly regarded as THE go-to source of Australian sounds that more than stand up on the global stage.
  3. They hook us up. The SOUNDS AUSTRALIA team are constantly connecting with the world’s most influential bookers, buyers, agents, labels and promoters. And, they’re not shy about personally introducing Australian artists with key players when heading overseas whether you are independent or signed to a label. Powerful.
  4. They expose us. In a good way. A SOUNDS AUSTRALIA showcase gets artists in front of 25,000 global  industry representatives and fellow musicians, plus nearly 3,000 media members and thousands of fans in attendance. And that’s just South By South West (SXSW), ONLY ONE of 48 different international events in 52 cities across 19 countries that SOUNDS AUSTRALIA works on.
  5. They help artists earn more money. What a notion! According to APRA AMCOS, our royalty distribution service, top-tier artists earn 300% more within three years of their first international SOUNDS AUSTRALIA gig.
  6. They help make real shit happen. In the last seven years, SOUNDS AUSTRALIA have landed 1593 real outcomes for Australian artists overseas, including record deals, securing booking agents, locking in distributors, attracting publicists, landing synchronisation placements, securing publishing deals and more.
  7. They are here to help ALL ARTISTS. It takes an incredible investment of time, energy and money for artists to build a powerful profile to the point where they can successfully break through on an international level. SOUNDS AUSTRALIA are there to offer advice, connections and performance opportunities whether you are independent, signed to a label or something in between.
  8. It is more than just the artists that will suffer. Music is one of the most powerful portals to sharing with the world our unique Australian voice and experience of the human condition. Cutting funding to organisations that are instrumental to exporting Australian sounds is cutting us off from the world, for it is through music that cultural borders and barriers can be wonderfully overcome.
  9. It’s not too late to voice your opinion. According to ABC News, the Federal Arts Ministry is evaluating the funding application. If you didn’t already, hopefully you now give a damn and will sign the petition calling upon Minister of Arts, Mitch Fifield, to provide Government funds to SOUNDS AUSTRALIA. In fact, why not tweet him about it too?

@SenatorFifield #SaveOurSounds @SoundsAustralia

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