Five reasons you need to attend the 2020 Sustainability Symposium

The 2020 Sustainability Symposium will ignite souls and inspire change as attendees are invited to ask: What matters in the learning space?  Aligned with the global Sustainable Development Goals, the event will be conducted completely online to ensure an accessible educational experience in the days of social distancing.  Here’s why should you get involved.

Empower our future leaders

To ensure a sustainable future for generations to come, education is the key to creating and empowering Australia’s forthcoming leaders.  Students are creative and capable and will inspire us all to do better if given an opportunity. The 2020 Sustainability Symposium provides that opportunity with a specifically designed Youth Masterclass with Jaimie Cloud to help students gain a deeper understanding of their role in leading behaviour change.  Luka Lesson will also offer a free online poetry session aligned with #SDG16 and Rory O’Connor will lead students to understand the Indigenous concept of totems and the importance of connecting with and being responsible for your local environment.

Learn how to act locally for global outcomes

As COVID-19 has highlighted, for better or for worse we are all part of a global community.  That is, what we do locally has the potential to impact globally! The 2020 Sustainability Symposium is a glocal event that invites participates to take action locally in their own school and/or community in the context of the global Sustainable Development Goals. The #SDG movement helps us understand how collectively we can solve overwhelming issues.  This year we focus on creating sustainable cities and communities #SDG11 and ensuring peace, social justice and democracy #SDG16.  The 2020 Sustainability Symposium is your opportunity to act locally as part of the global movement.

It’s a whole team event

Sustainability education isn’t just for teachers or students, it is for the whole school community and so the SSN have designed an event with learning opportunities for everyone.  Working together has never been so important and it will take a team of committed people to reimagine education.  The SSN has planned educational activities for teachers and students of course and have also included sessions for parents and operational leaders such as business managers, heads of maintenance and principals.  Imagine what is possible when we collaborate!

Unique professional development opportunity

It is not often teachers have an opportunity to work with an international pioneer and learn about sustainability at the same time! Jaimie Cloud from The Cloud Institute will work with teachers online from New York. Carefully placed on Sunday 26 April, so it doesn’t interfere with teaching duties, the 2020 Sustainability Symposium Teacher Professional Development is a unique opportunity not to be missed.  If you want to emerge from the current situation ready to embed sustainability across the curriculum and to reimagine education this is the time to do it.

Get connected and stay connected

It is so important to stay connected with each other and our school communities.  The need for physical distancing is important, yet there is no need for disconnecting.  The 2020 Sustainability Symposium provides an essential occasion for school communities to remain united with each other and to work together with organisations that can support your school moving forward. The SSN promotes the foundation to change is through partnership #SDG17 and this online event is an example of collaboration in practice.  There are over 30 schools and 50 organisations already registered. So now is your time to get involved.  Make sure you register for the operational leader and parent programs and have questions ready for the sustainability leaders participating in the Live Q&A on 28 April 2020.  The 2020 event dinner has also gone online.  There is no reason why participants can’t have dinner together and learn from the panel of inspiring and leading presenters including Damon Gameau, Jaimie Cloud, Rory O’Connor, Cam Mackenzie and Dr Alison Sammel.  And join in for The Connect-ED Feed!

The 2020 Sustainability Symposium will run online from 26 April to 2 May. Fee event registrations are available here.

The SSN are grateful to major sponsors SUEZ and City of Gold Coast for their unwavering support.  For more information email or visit the website.

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