Why art competitions are great for your practice

Fancy stretching your artistic muscles this New Year?

Around the country and our local area are various art awards and competitions. Now before you go “this isn’t for me”, read on.

Whilst you may not (currently) see yourself as a fully-fledged artist, competitions offer professionals, emerging and aspiring artists the opportunity to challenge themselves and be recognised for their creativity.

There are competitions for all sorts of creative souls including amateur and professional photographers, visual artists, sculptors and craftspeople.

Entering an art competition is a wonderful and quirky way to broaden your confidence and challenge yourself.

Many people don’t consider entering competitions as they feel they are “not there yet” or that competitions are just for professionals. My humble advice on this; if you love your craft/skill just give it a crack!  If you can pick up a paint brush, knot a macramé stitch, or shoot a nice photo, just do it!

A competition will set you back on average $25-50 to enter (usually per piece) although the more prestigious ones are about $100.

At the turn of this new decade and with a New Year on the table, throwing your hand and art into a competition might be the thing that catapults your self-development, confidence and help with other life changes that you may wish to improve upon. Don’t underestimate the personal growth that evolves by putting yourself out there.

For existing or emerging artists, competitions are a strategic and clever way to get your name out there, especially if you are chosen as a finalist. Many galleries use competitions to scalp new talent, and many buyers use competitions to find artwork they like.

Art is about self-expression and expressing oneself on canvas, or paper, through a lens, through sculpture or via a craft!  Arts (and crafts) are a safe avenue to convey your inner experience of the world. It is one aspect of our culture that is never right nor wrong. It just is. It is powerful and highly rewarding.

So, if you have an environmental issue you wish to portray, a person you want to honour, a masterpiece busting inside of you or an abstract you want to play with, consider the following competitions below that close for entry this month.

Go and enter a kick arse piece, and remember to hashtag #blankgc #goldcoastartist so we can get behind you.

  1. Alice Art Prize

This is a national prize for any painting with any medium (i.e. oil, watercolour, acrylic). The winner receives $30,000. The gallery will keep your art but for that price it seems a fair deal!

Closing date 7 February 2020.

  1. North Queensland Ceramics Awards

For something a little bit different why not consider entering a pottery piece? This fun award closes on 20 February 2020. Check it out. The winnings are $10,000 and remember it’s all about the evolution of yourself and having fun!

For many more competitions, visit competitionforartists. To learn more about Gold Coast based artist and writer Samantha Beau, visit @Samantha_beau_artist.

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