Nominees for 2016 Gold Coast Music Awards announced

More than 140 nominations were received for the Gold Coast Music Awards with nominees announced today.

Organisers said the total number of nominations were down but the number of artists and bands nominating had increased.

“Last year there was some confusion about the judging process, so we had some bands  nominate many times,” Chloe Popa, co-founder of the Awards said.

“This year we have had 75 individual bands or musicians nominate,” she said. “The process has been tightened up, and the quality of nominations is phenomenal.”

The Awards were created last year following 20 years with no awards program on the local scene. The 2015 event sold out and 30,000 votes were received in the People’s Choice component of the awards program.

This year, organisers introduced a Video of the Year category with the support of Gold Coast Film Festival. 19 nominations were received.

An independent judging panel which is chaired by music journalist and broadcaster Trevor Jackson and includes Louise Bezzina (Bleach* Festival), Neil Beattie (Swingin’ Safari), Sean Flanagan (Hot Tomato) and Felicity Lawless (musician) will now meet to assess nominations.

The nominees are:

Artist of the Year, sponsored by Southport Sharks Cabana Bar + Lounge

Aaron West, Amy Shark, Casey Barnes, Cheap Fakes, City Over Sand, Darkc3ll, Electric Zebra, Electrik Lemonade, Ella Fence, Evol Walks, Hanlon Brothers, Hussy Hicks, IVORI, Jodie-Joy, Klubknight, Nowhere Else, The Wrath, Von Villains, White Lodge.


Emerging Artist of the Year sponsored by Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University

Aaron West, Aquila Young, Baltimore Gun Club, Being Jane Lane, Benny D Williams, Buffy Prescott, Catherine Gunther, Crown The Humble, Electrik Lemonade, Ella Fence, Evol Walks, Georgia Grace Knight, Ivey, Jacob Lee, Jade Peterson, Jason McGregor, Jenna Dearness Dark, Jennifer Sjaan, Jodie-Joy, Jordan Merrick – Fugitive & The Vagabond, Klubknight, Lecia Louise, Leopold’s Treat, MISTRAM, Napoleonic Wars, Nowhere Else, Redstarborn, ROMY, Sarah Shah, Sean Fitzgerald, The Maslows, Timber Bones, White Lodge, Yes Sir Noceur

These awards would not be possible without the support of our major partners: City of Gold Coast and Burleigh Brewing Co. and our category sponsors listed below.


Venue of the Year

Currumbin Creek Tavern, elsewhere, Miami Marketta, NightQuarter, Soundlounge, The Avenue

Music Champion of the Year, sponsored by TAFE Gold Coast

Amy Shark, Bleach* Festival, Cindy Jensen, Emily Holler, Glenn Tozer, Guy Cooper (Serotonin Productions & Human Records), Jodie-Joy, Karen Lindsay, Mark Duckworth, Matt Webber, WHO Agencies


Video of the Year Award, presented by Gold Coast Film Festival

ARTIST (and team) SONG
Amy Shark Golden Fleece
Baltimore Gun Club (Anthony Hyrmakowski) Apollo
Casey Barnes (Michelle Barnes, Wazza Bray, LMG Digital Media The One You Love
City Over Sand (Desert Island Media) Look For Me
Electrik Lemonade (Desert Island Media) Run and Hide
Ella Fence (Double Deuce) Unknown Water
Eleea Navarro Cigarette
Luke O’Shea (Hazel Schravemade) Begin and End In Love
Hussy Hicks (Hazel Schravemade) That Old Heartache
Kiara Jack Make Shift Forest
Lane Harry x Ike Campbell (Human Records & Nilsson Films) Rendezvous
Kirsty Abrahams (Mad Rose Films) Breathe
Kirsty Abrahams (Mad Rose Films) Fly Away
Phil Barlow and the Wolf (Nils Nilsson Films) Bold Sea Eagle
Indigo Parade (Raconteur Films) Colour & Peace
ROMY Wild Heart
Buffy Prescott (Sean Dellit at Final Girl) The Nothing
The Cheap Fakes (Smokehouse) Baby It’s A Good Song
The Goldhearts (Stacy Cross, Campbell Drummond) On The Run


Event of the Year 

Bleach* At Burleigh, Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival, Buskers by the Creek, La Traviata, Leopold’s Treat Cold River album launch, Mescalito Blues Celebrating “10 Years of Stompin”, Mudgeerabarby, Platform, Summertime Sessions in the Village, Wallapalooza


Song of the Year, sponsored by NightQuarter

Aaron West She’s So Fine
Amy Shark Golden Fleece
Baltimore Gun Club Apollo
Barefoot Friday Change
Barefoot Friday Chasing Shadows
Buffy Prescott The Nothing
Buffy Prescott Guy Wright-Smith
Casey Barnes Hard Times
Cheap Fakes Just In Case
Chloe Styler Sweden
City Over Sand Look For Me
City Over Sand Smith Street Turnoff
Crown The Humble Granville St Sidewalk
Dave Cavanagh On the Gold Coast
Eleea Navarro Cigarette
Ella Fence Unknown Water
Evol Walks Without Me
Hanlon Brothers Cant Wait
Hanlon Brothers Diamonds
Hussy Hicks That Old Heartache
Indigo Parade Bend The Light
Jacob Lee Chariot
Jenna Dearness Dark Good bye Aria
Jesswar Jelly
Jodie-Joy Naked
Jodie-Joy True Heart
John Mcalpine Have A New Drug
Jordan Merrick – Fugitive & The Vagabond The Wild
Kirsty Abrahams Fly Away
Klubknight Ephadream
Lecia Louise Individual
Leopold’s Treat Houndogs & Bullfrogs
Leopolds Treat Cold River
Mescalito Blues Catfish Queen
Phil Barlow and The Wolf Bold Sea Eagle
Redstarborn Electricity
ROMY Wild Heart
Saint Barae Nightmares
The Goldhearts Heres the Thing
The Goldhearts On the Run
The Maslows Curtain Call
The Wrath Misgivings are Through
Versus Fate Save Me
Versus Fate Seventeen


Finalists will be announced on Friday 20 May and the winners announced at a #verygc awards presentation on Thursday 16 June at Burleigh Brewing Co. Tickets are on sale now and include a free beer, dinner, entertainment by house bands Hanlon Brothers and friends, free transport to the after party at Hard Rock Cafe, entry to the after party and a free cocktail on arrival.

Hearty congratulations to all nominees. Good luck to the judges. What a job!

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